My first museum assignment

Good news! 200 years of KNRM (the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution) will be celebrated with an exhibition at the National Maritime Museum. There is a full year of hard work ahead on this beautiful assignment. The opening will be in the spring of 2024. I will keep you updated.

Research and location scout for KNRM

Art Rotterdam 2023

Together with Gallery Wouter van Leeuwen we will present my latest work from Zeeland.

Visit us at booth 60 during Art Rotterdam, from 8 to 12 Feb. Daily openend from 11.00 – 19.00. I will be there almost every day. This specific work was created in Autumn and will be on show in a large format print in edition of 5 at the art fair.

Tureluur, Zierikzee, Zeeland 2022
Art Rotterdam is all about creating a strong meeting place in an inspiring city where visitors can experience, discover and acquire new work in the special UNESCO monumental building of the Van Nelle Factory.

‘Eiland’ in Amsterdam

Solo exhibition, Vrije Academie, Herengracht 368,

For those who missed my solo exhibition at the Fotomuseum Den Haag, you can now admire a wide selection of 'Eiland' at the Vrije Academie in Amsterdam. From 8-12-2022 / 31-01-2023, opening hours are daily from 10.00 - 17.00 

About me

Jeroen Hofman 1976 — The Netherlands


Whether documenting the city parks of Amsterdam and Rotterdam or the Frisian islands, I have a particular method: working from up high, standing on an elevated platform. The trouble of renting a hydraulic hoist for every shoot pays off: seen from a bird’s eye view, the architecture of the parks, or the vastness and tranquility of the islands, become clearly visible. It’s a height at which you can no longer understand what the people below are saying and the birds above you are just out of reach.

photo by Koos Breukel

For my latest project, ‘EILAND’, I visited the Frisian Islands in the Wadden Sea. They are a popular tourist destination in the Netherlands. The islands are the perfect natural escape; a place where endless thoughts make way for endless horizons.

A few works have since been bought by private collectors and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for its embassies. Much of my commercial work is offered to me by people who have seen my personal work and want to incorporate my style or aesthetic fingerprint into their products or projects.

Jeroen Hofman (b. 1976, NL) studied photography at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. He experienced his big breakthrough with Playground (2011), a series in which he photographed emergency response training facilities in his now characteristic manner. Inspired by the work of Hans van der Meer, Edward Burtynsky, Gregory Crewdson and others, he began taking photographs from a high vantage point. Gradually, the role of the landscape became more important in his work. In Park (2018) Hofman documented communal spaces and how we share them. As well as producing autonomous work, Hofman also makes portraits. He has won several awards and prizes, including the Silver Camera twice: once for Playground and, in 2014, for a portrait of Hans van Manen.

For more info you can check this interview. © Koos de Wilt

Exhibitions & Awards

200 Years KNRM, National Maritime Museum, Amsterdam
'Human Nature', Groupshow, Red Cross/Prix Pictet. Genève.
Soloshow, 'EILAND' Galerie Wouter van Leeuwen, Amsterdam
'EILAND', Solo Exhibition, Fotomuseum Den Haag
Silver Award, ADCN Awards, 'Bereft City'
Lensculture Winner Critics' Choice Award
Clervaux (L) Cité de l'image, Zeeland. Group Exhibition
Haute Photographie Rotterdam, group exhibition
PAN Amsterdam, group exhibition
Noorderlicht Photofestival/NUCLEUS, Forensics, group exhibition
Solo exhibition, 'Amsterdam Park', Amsterdam City Archives
ADCN, Lamp, Portrait of Lieuwe van Gogh, Vrij Nedeland
1st Price - Zilveren Camera - portrait single. Hans van Manen
Grant, The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Amsterdam City Archives, documentary assignment 2013.
AOP (UK), 'Best in Category' Hans van Manen, L'Homo magazine
AOP (UK), gold
Critical Mass, Photo Lucida
PANL, Gold for ‘Playground’ , Members Choice for "Fashion Victims"
Honorable Mention New York Photofestival - Photographic Book
Grant - Fonds Anna Cornelis
Grant - Stichting Sem Presser Archief

Publications & Monographs

Publications & Monographs