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Theo Maassen theatershow, Van kwaad tot erger
Editors pick, LensCulture, Theo Maassen.

Vive La Belgique. A new longterm project about the Belgian coastline.

As a child, I deeply enjoyed vacationing on the Belgian coast. I have fond memories of endless summers. But recently, when I drove down the 67-kilometer long coastline, I saw it crammed with apartment buildings. A lot of concrete. And certainly not all of it esthetically pleasing. At least not at first sight. An interesting tension occurred between my observations and my memories.

So I went out to see if I could reveal the hidden beauty of the Belgian coast, with minimalist colors and symmetrical shapes. To pay tribute to my dear memories, but without sentiment or pronounced recognisability.

Pier Blankeneberge
Pier, Blankenberge 2019

From tranquil winter landscapes consisting almost exclusively of minimalist flat surfaces, to scenes bursting with people enjoying the same coast that once left such an indelible impression on me.

VIVE LA BELGIQUE will hopefully be a series about discovering beauty in unexpected places. About the beauty of the past, and the beauty of today. Even when that means looking differently than you’re used to.

Zeebrugge, haven, strand, winter
Winter, Zeebrugge 2019


6 – 9 FEBRUARY 2020


Explore and enjoy the many facets of fine art photography. This collection brings together a select group of international galleries. Strengthened by a fascinating educational programme, created in collaboration with the Nederlands Fotomuseum, and a high-quality book market, visitors can explore and enjoy the many facets of fine art photography at the 5-day event. 

Haute Photographie 2020 will be held during the Rotterdam Art Week from February 6 – 9. Haute Photographie and the Nederlands Fotomuseum will collaborate in order to create a true photography hub at the Kop van Zuid during the annual Rotterdam Art Week. An event which attracts 35.000 visitors.


About me

Jeroen Hofman 1976 — The Netherlands

As a person I’ve always been fascinated by people in exclusive ‘clubs’ and close communities; groups of people bound together by a common fate, a shared passion or affliction. As a photographer I explore their worlds with my camera. I can never truly become a member of their communities however, so as an outsider I am forced to find my own perspective on their microcosm.

Whether documenting the city parks of Amsterdam and Rotterdam or the Frisian islands, I have a particular method: working from up high, standing on an elevated platform. The trouble of renting a hydraulic hoist for every shoot pays off: seen from a bird’s eye view, the architecture of the parks, or the vastness and tranquility of the islands, become clearly visible.

I graduated from the Royal Academy of the Art The Hague in 2002. And like to work for a broad variety of magazines and newspapers. In 2012 I have published my first book, ‘Playground’, a topography of the terrains where special forces do drills in case of a terrorist attack or other calamities.

For my latest project, Unwind, I visited the Frisian Islands in the Wadden Sea. They are a popular tourist destination in the Netherlands. The islands are the perfect natural escape; a place where endless thoughts make way for endless horizons.

A lot of my commercial work is offered to me by people who have seen my personal work and want to incorporate my style or aesthetic fingerprint to their products or projects.

Exhibitions & Awards

Planned: UNWIND, Solo Exhibition, Fotomuseum Den Haag
Haute Photographie Rotterdam, group exhibition
PAN Amsterdam, group exhibition
Noorderlicht Photofestival/NUCLEUS, Forensics, group exhibition
Solo exhibition, 'Amsterdam Park', Amsterdam City Archives
ADCN, Lamp, Portrait of Lieuwe van Gogh, Vrij Nedeland
1st Price - Zilveren Camera - portrait single. Hans van Manen
Grant, The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Amsterdam City Archives, documentary assignment 2013.
AOP (UK), 'Best in Category' Hans van Manen, L'Homo magazine
AOP (UK), gold
Critical Mass, Photo Lucida
PANL, Gold for ‘Playground’ , Members Choice for "Fashion Victims"
Honorable Mention New York Photofestival - Photographic Book
Grant - Fonds Anna Cornelis
Grant - Stichting Sem Presser Archief

Publications & Monographs

Publications & Monographs