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Theo Maassen theatershow, Van kwaad tot erger
Editors pick, LensCulture, Theo Maassen.

Vive La Belgique. A new longterm project about the Belgian coastline.

As a child, I deeply enjoyed vacationing on the Belgian coast. I have fond memories of endless summers. But recently, when I drove down the 67-kilometer long coastline, I saw it crammed with apartment buildings. A lot of concrete. And certainly not all of it esthetically pleasing. At least not at first sight. An interesting tension occurred between my observations and my memories.

So I went out to see if I could reveal the hidden beauty of the Belgian coast, with minimalist colors and symmetrical shapes. To pay tribute to my dear memories, but without sentiment or pronounced recognisability.

Pier Blankeneberge
Pier, Blankenberge 2019

From tranquil winter landscapes consisting almost exclusively of minimalist flat surfaces, to scenes bursting with people enjoying the same coast that once left such an indelible impression on me.

VIVE LA BELGIQUE will hopefully be a series about discovering beauty in unexpected places. About the beauty of the past, and the beauty of today. Even when that means looking differently than you’re used to.

Zeebrugge, haven, strand, winter
Winter, Zeebrugge 2019